AutoCAD 2008

Portable AutoCAD 2008 [Thinstall] (Run AutoCAD off a USB Drive)

335MB Compress
353MB UnCompress


1. Launch acad.exe
2. Accept Thinstall Runtime License Agreement (proceed one time when launching per one PC).
3. Register product with keygen.exe inside archive. The keygen.exe should be launched when “AutoCAD 2008 Product Activation” appears.

That’s all. Now you can work in Portable AutoCAD 2008 on this PC without any limitations.

P.S. All Help files, Samples and Tutorials are swept out from this release to make final exe file smaller.

DotNET FRAMEWORK 2.0 not nesesary, because it’s included inside main exe.
Workability tested on Windows XP SP2.
Folder “thinstall” should not be deleted otherwise all setting and temporary files will be created on your local machine.

To clear all setting and return this portable to primary state just delete all files inside folder “thinstall”.

After closing application there will be 3 procces still working in Task Manager.
They will close automatically in 1 or 2 minutes, so you don’t have to kill them manually.
To work with this release on different PC’s without loosing your current PC profile after finishing working on PC1 just rename folder acad2008 inside thinstall into acad2008.PC1, acad2008.PC2 (or something like that) and rename it back to acad2008 when you turn back on PC1 before launching acad.exe

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